Discover Your Vocation

God created you for a mission.

Whether you’re supposed to become a priest, enter religious life, or get married – you have a specific part to play for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. With God’s grace, you can get there–and we can help.

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Do You StrugglE With Discernment?

Even when you believe God has a plan for your future, it can be hard—really hard—to figure it out. Most people experience uncertainty, doubt, and fear about their vocations.

Lack of Clarity

How will I know God’s will with certainty? How do I even begin to listen? Can someone help me discern?

Confusion about options

Priesthood and religious life seem heroic, but I most often feel called to marriage. What does that mean?

Fear of making a wrong choice

I’ve only got one life and I don’t want to make a big mistake. What if my choice leads to loneliness and unhappiness?

We’ve Been There. And WE Came Out on the Other Side.

We get it, Your life isn’t a game. You want it to matter. You want to do something good, even great.

We’ve felt that too. We also know all about the worry, confusion, and doubt that often accompanies discernment. With God’s grace we discovered our vocations. Now, our job is to help you.

Step into

A discernment process that works.

We’ve got a plan to discern your vocation—a plan that works. We’ll tailor it to your unique situation so you can have a lit pathway and see exactly where you are going.

Step-by-Step Discernment

Our discernment plan will help you:

  • Grow in your Catholic faith
  • Improve your prayer life
  • Gain deeper self-knowledge
  • Get personal direction from priests
  • Meet other people who are discerning
  • Make a good decision

Our process was created using the Church’s best wisdom, the example of the saints, and our real-life experience with modern-day young people.

Never Discern Alone

Don’t get stuck in the echo chamber of your own mind. Instead, you need real people to help you respond to God’s call. Here are your next steps:

Step 1. Email Fr. Duy  with questions or comments.

Step 2. Meet in person to share your story and create a discernment plan.

Step 3. Experience the confidence that you are discerning well.


The First Step is One Email 

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