A Discernment Process That Works

Experience growth and clarity

About the Plan

A plan gives direction and focus. Tailored to your situation, it will help you move forward in discernment and grow in your life in Christ. It will involve prayer, fellowship, and service.


Guys and girls 17 and older discerning the priesthood or religious life.

What to Expect

Support, growth, challenge, grace, and clarity.

The Creekstones Image

Discovering your vocation is like crossing a wide creek. The distance from one side of the bank to the other is far too great for a single leap. Just looking at it often causes one to say, “Nope, not possible.” Fortunately, there are some stones just beneath water’s surface. They are so placed that with a good leap from one to another you can eventually make it all the way across the creek.

The Need for a Guide

If you’re staring at the water, the stones can be difficult to locate. It takes someone who knows the area well to point them out. Translation: when discerning your vocation, you need a good guide to offer direction, encouragement, and accountability along the way. That’s what we’re here for!

Finding True North

The Discernment Process will help you grow closer to Christ, whether or not you’re called to priesthood or religious life. If you are called, it offers a clear step-by-step guide to each new phase of discernment and formation.

Benefits of the Process

• Clarity in knowing your God-given vocation

• Peace in knowing you are open and willing

• Excitement about what is in store for your life

• Increased ability to discern all sorts of decisions

• A deeper understanding of priesthood and religious life

• Increased virtue

• Better prepared for marriage if that is your call

• And most importantly, growth in your relationship with God

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